Instructions Following Endodontic Surgery

Endodontic Surgery After Care Instructions:

After your endodontic surgery, follow these instructions. Rest as much as possible on the day of the surgery. Avoid heavy lifting, exercise, or strenuous activities that could elevate your heart rate and circulation. Refrain from smoking and alcohol consumption for several days after surgery, as they may impede wound healing. Stick to easily chewable, soft foods, and avoid anything too hot or spicy. Maintain a soft diet and limit activity for the initial 5 days.

Apply cold pressure in alternating intervals of 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off for the remainder of the day. Additionally, consider applying moist heat to your face on the second and third days following surgery.

Starting from the day after the surgery, rinse your mouth twice a day for 30 seconds with the prescribed mouthwash. Continue this routine for at least 1 week after completing your surgery.

Expect peak post-surgical pain once the anesthesia wears off. Promptly acquire and take the prescribed medications. If antibiotics are part of your prescription, continue taking them until the full course is completed. For pain management, use prescribed medications on the day of surgery and as needed in the subsequent days. If you experience any unusual reactions, discontinue the medication and contact the office immediately.

Swelling and facial bruising may occur post-surgery and will gradually subside within a few days. The most significant swelling typically occurs on the second and third days after the surgery. Some blood oozing from the surgical site during the day and evening following the surgery is normal. If you experience severe bleeding, please contact our office.

Special Precautions:

Refrain from using a straw, rinsing your mouth, or brushing your teeth for the rest of the day following surgery. If bone graft material was placed during your procedure, avoid using a straw for a full week after surgery to prevent disruption of the graft.

Minimize manipulation of your facial tissues. Avoid raising your lip or retracting your cheeks to inspect the surgical site. This can inadvertently dislodge the stitches, causing pain and potentially delaying the healing process. Try to sleep on your back or on the side opposite to where the surgery was performed.

Schedule suture removal for 3-5 days after surgery to ensure proper healing. It is crucial that you attend this appointment at the specified time. This appointment is typically brief, relatively straightforward, and local anesthesia is usually unnecessary.

For additional information regarding endodontic surgery, following this link at American Association of Endodontists:

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